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At Ladybug Herbal Sanctuary, we’re passionate about clean products, environmental stewardship and industry leadership. Ladybug Herbal Sanctuary is remaining strong in our resolve to pioneer the future of a legal regulated marketplace that will protect our communities, unite families and protect the environment.

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Our Story

LadyBug Herbal Sanctuary strives to be just that- a Sanctuary.  Our farm is nestled on the Eel River in Humboldt County, California.  We are a State licensed commercial cannabis farm. We have taken the pioneer spirit on- investing in community building, and positive sustainable practices for cannabis production.  These principals relate to how we approach land stewardship and our business.   Our family has decided to live as deliberately as possible while not sacrificing our connections to the world around us.  We hope to provide a welcoming place that can act as a bridge to anyone who seeks a connection.

Our Services

Sustainably Grown Cannabis Products

Licensed Commercial Cannabis Cultivation

Cannabis Research and Development

Cannabis Cultivation Innovation

Cannabis Transportation

Licensed Agricultural Product Transporter

Humboldt DNA

LBHS has partnered with Humboldt DNA to research and develop clean genetics for the cannabis community

California Growers Association

LBHS is a proud member of CGA and works to provide a demonstration farm for agencies developing regulations

Northcoast Horticulture Supply

LBHS has been a customer of NHS for many years and enjoys the opportunity to use innovative technologies like the IGrow induction lights.  We use these lights for vegging our crops and propagation and have found them to not only be very productive but they also reduce our carbon footprint.  Each light runs at 400 watts and 1.9 amps which keeps our energy bills low.

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May 3, 2016

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